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Are you planning an event in the Portland Area? Do you know what permits you will need? Do you have any idea where to start? Learning what you need and when you need it, on your own, is a daunting task. And, quite honestly, even with years of experience, permitting your events can be quite a headache.

Portland Event Permits LLC. Specializes in helping you navigate the Special Event Permitting process in the greater Portland metropolitan area. We have over 10 years of Event Production experience in Portland. We have built reliable relationships with the people in the City, County and State agencies who issue the permits you will need to produce your event. 

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The Portland Winter Light Festival Breaks Record Attendance!

Attendance for the annual Portland Winter Light Festival tops 200,000 as festival goers weather warmer than usual temperatures and the occasional downpour. Organizers estimate the single day attendance on Saturday, February 8th, the final day of the event at approximately 100,000.



Portland Winter Light Festival 2020 Ready to Roll

The Portland Winter Light Festival 2020 is an Annual Festival gathering over 200 Light, Fire and Storytelling Artists, 500 Volunteers and over 150,000 participants. It is a Shining, Sparkling bright spot warming the hearts of Portlanders in the darkest nights of the year.

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WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU Navigate the Event Permitting process in Portland.



‹TEL:   503-933-8198



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